Evangelion Kaibunsho Translated

This piece of Evangelion history popped up today on the web in a english translated form. The Kaibunsho can be read here. Here is a teaser from the person who tranlated it:


In February 1997, an anonymous document circulated through Japanese anime 
bulletin boards and internet chat rooms. This nearly 40KB text- only document 
written under the pseudonym "Hiiro Yui", a self- professed 
"[anime] industry dropout", claimed to expose various 
behind-the-scenes secrets surrounding the Evangelion TV airing,  
Director Anno, Okada Toshio (Gainax founding member), and 
other Gainax/Eva related matters that had thus far 
circulated only as rumors among industry people and 
otaku "in the know". This document, 
which came to be known as the Evangelion kaibunsho*, 
quickly  disappeared from the bulletin boards and chat rooms, 
but copies had been made and the document was also 
posted anonymously to several prominent 
Eva-related websites, so it saw widespread exposure. The  "Eva boom" now past, 
most of these websites no longer exist, and the  document can currently be 
found only at a few forgotten web pages and mirror sites.

* Kaibunsho = Lit.: Mysterious/subversive/defamatory document.  
Generally an insider expose written for reasons of spite, a grudge or 
other resentment, but also sometimes out of a desire to expose the 
truth and/or draw attention to an injustice.

 So give the article a read for an interesting viewpoint of the Evangelion production.

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    Awesome!  Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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