Transformers Movie comes to Detroit!

So I’m bit late on reporting this news on the new Transformers movie, but here it goes. So it appears that the live-action/CG Transformers movie (not to be confused with the classic animated Transformers movie) from Michael Bay is going to be filming part of it’s movie in Detroit. According to Channel 4 news, the old Central Station train station is going to be used for part of the filming. After hearing this, I realized that Michael Bay is a very brave man. I’m actually hoping that since this is a Michael Bay film, that maybe we will get to see the old Central Station torn up as part of the movie. The station is famous for being a living place for bums and having many, many broken out windows. Here is a post that has a picture of the wonderful station.

On a brighter note, it was also reported recently that Paul Oakenfold will be redoing the Transformers tune (I’m guess he is referring to the cartoon theme song and not the rocking song at the beginning of the animated movie). This could turn out to be very cool. A movie to see in 2007! :)

Current Music: Paul Oakenfold – Faster Kill Pussycat (Club Mix)

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