James Brown RIP

Well, one spot of bad news yesterday that came in that The Godfather of Soul is dead. There are many news reports around for "The Hardest Working Man In Show Business," who was performing all of the time and did many performances this year as well. One bit of fun that I found out of this was that there is a site who is trying to keep a list of all of the songs that have sampled James Brown classic song Funky Drummer, which can be seen here. I’m sure James Brown will continue to live on through all of his many recordings and tons of samples.

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  1. Erik Says:

    What’s amazing about that list (besides James Brown sampling himself :) ) is the wide range of artists doing the sampling.  Depeche Mode?  Enigma?  George Michael?  Run DMC four times over?  When it comes to modern pop music, James Brown’s work is the word "the".I wonder if we should expect a resurgence of that club classic "James Brown is Dead." 

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