Nike + Transformers…Wait A Minute…

Wow…now this one is a bit out of left field. Now I like Transformers a lot, but to mix them with Nike? I thought the Naruto Shoes from a few months back were silly, but no, a Transforming shoe? That takes the cake! I think NCS says it best with their little write up:

NCS recalls a time when the words "Nike"
and "Transformers" would have never jibed in the same sentence or
breath. Nike = Sneakers. Transformers = Robots. There’s no relationship
between the two whatsoever and never the twain shall meet.

Hell froze over.

Enter the latest collaboration betwixt two household names:
Nike and Transformers. At first glom, the Nike Transformers looks like
a well-appointed 6" duo-tone sneaker with white laces. However with a
few twists, shifts, and turns, the shoe transforms into a recognizable
robot known by fans the world over. This is no normal robot however
since its trailing loose laces and wearing miniature sneaks which may
be popped onto its mechanical feet.

For anyone interested, you can purchase the shoes from NCS here or at another good Toy shop here.

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