Great Weekend and Musicland Update

Another great long weekend! Started off by watching the Shaw Brothers classic, Demon of the Lute. Which has some great classic characters like the "Red-Haired Evil", whom has the amazing growing red fro! What more could you want from a Shaw Brothers film! Smiley The weekend also included more AA goodness on DDR (no new AA’s this week though) and of course having long lunches with the same wonderful individual I spoke of before. Smiley

On a side note, there is more news out this morning on the Musicland Group downward spiral (owners of Media Play which will not exists after this Friday). Most of the news originally came from here. Which it looks like their rumored bad relationship with Ingram has only gotten worse, one unnamed source mentioned that a lawsuit was involved. It’s too bad to see a place where I have bought so much anime from over the years going away. I guess Best Buy buying them and spinning them back off (to a company named Sun Capital Inc.) did not help their long term outlook (although it did help the Best Buy long term outlook). I guess it’s time to take that Replay card out of the wallet since their won’t be a place to use it anymore.

Current Music: Meck – Thunder In My Heart (Miami Calling Mix)

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