New Order No More?

Ack! It looks like New Order is breaking up. Here is the news from ComfortComes:

    New Order are to split? Peter Hook told Xfm that the band have broken up. ”Me and Bernard (Sumner) aren’t working together." 

The last couple of New Order albums have been fun and they will be missed, who knows, maybe this means more Electronic albums?

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2 Responses to “New Order No More?”

  1. Erik Says:

    Wow, Electronic… I haven’t thought of them in a long while.  I think I still have their first (and only?) CD somewhere, but haven’t listened to it in ages.Maybe the breakup will mean not only more albums by them, but by The Other Two as well.  :)

  2. Brycemania Says:

    Actually, Electronic had three albums. I have and like them all. :) Twisted Tenderness has a couple of my fav Electronic songs on it actually. I highly suggest both of the other albums.

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