Car Woes

Well, it looks like my car has decided that it doesn’t want to be neglected any more. :( I have the car at a tire shop overnight so I can get my back tire taken care of. It seems to have developed a slow leak. I guess I will find out more in the morning. The neat thing the car started doing is making a nice ticking sound…so after I get the tire taken care of, the car goes to the dealership to see what’s going on with the engine. Hopefully, it won’t be too expensive, we shall see.

In other news, unfortunately, my local arcade had the DDR Extreme cabinet rented out this weekend, so I ended up playing a lot of In The Groove 2 this morning. It turns out there were some new songs unlocked and I taken a liking to one in particular called Nina – Wannado (Hardfloor Mix) which is very catchy and has very fun steps on hard. The best I did was a 91.5%, the top on the machine is 93.49%, so I need to keep practicing. Smiley


Lastly, I started watching the Fate Stay Night anime today. The anime is very well done and I’m really digging it. The basic story is that there are Seven Masters who have Seven Servants who are fighting it out in a thing called the Holy Grail War. Whom ever has the strongest of the Seven Servants at the end of the war is presented with the Holy Grail and they get one wish. There is bit more to it then that, like different character interactions on the such, but overall a very moody well done show. That and I think the Saber character design is one of the best. Smiley The opening song also is very cool.

Current Music: M.H. – This Illusion (Fate Stay Night Opening song)

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