Simon Pegg Cast As Scotty In The New Star Trek Movie

It looks like the awesome actor Simon Pegg has been cast as Scotty in the new Star Trek film! I’ve had some interest in the new Star Trek film, but now as more and more of the casting information is coming out, I’m actually getting very excited. I think this will be the fresh start that Star Trek really needs at this point to get out of the Voyager/Enterprise funk they have been in.

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3 Responses to “Simon Pegg Cast As Scotty In The New Star Trek Movie”

  1. Erik Says:

    This really is a big, big risk, replacing the actors who played beloved iconic characters for several decades…  I wonder how Paramount will try to sell this as a Good Thing. 

  2. Brycemania Says:

    They haven’t tried to do much selling yet. The cast that’s coming together is interesting, but if this is a Time Travel movie like I’m hearing, I think by offering a transition, it will ease a lot of Trek fans fears.

  3. Erik Says:

    Another time travel movie?  We already had Voyage Home, Generations, and First Contact, not to mention the overarching (pun intended) story of Enterprise was a temporal cold war.  It’s an overused plot device by now.

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