Car Update and The Decline of Western Civilization

Well got the car back today and it’s running much better now. I guess the main problem ended up being that an intake manifold needed to be resealed. Mostly warranty work, so I was very happy about that.

There have been some updates on The Decline of Western Civilization…or what we might just call the Musicland Group inching closer and closer to not existing. Here is an interesting bit on what they currently owe to different anime companies and Ingram Micro. I guess we are starting to see how much the Musicland group is really in trouble and that the closing of Media Play was only the start of it all. I’ll still miss Media Play, it was a great place to shop for music, movies, and anime. I made my last visitation back on Saturday, so I’ve said my goodbyes. Oh well, I guess this is the start of things like iTunes being the main way to get music, which is kind of sad.

Oh and this weeks lesson from the new Bleach episode is that cell phones are good for calling people, texting, detecting Hollows, and receiving calls from the undead.

Current Music: The Smiths – Rusholme Ruffians

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