J.J. Abrams Star Trek Revamp Pushed to 2009

It looks like the new Star Trek restart movie has been moved to May 8th, 2009. Apparently, this move has nothing to do with the writer’s strike of the past few months, but due to the strength of the movie. So now instead of a Holiday season 2008 movie, it will be the movie to kick-start the summer box office for 2009. So I’m wondering, will there be any movies worth seeing in 2008 now?

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2 Responses to “J.J. Abrams Star Trek Revamp Pushed to 2009”

  1. Erik Says:

    "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull."  Other than that, nothing comes to mind…

  2. Brycemania Says:

    Oh yeah! I almost forgot about Indy IV! Can’t wait for that, and I think the next Batman movie comes out this year too, which will be a must see. So I guess there will be a couple of movies in 2008. :)

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