It’s all gone Pete Tong

So, apparently, here are things you should not do before going to bed. Listen to Pete Tong’s Essential Selection (check), take two rapid release Tylenol (check), and take two teaspoons of cough syrup (check). What this lead to was me dreaming I was in Ibiza (not too weird of a start) hanging out with, you guessed it, Pete Tong. I seem to remember Lisa Lashes and some other dj as well. So we were all hanging out at some club in Ibiza and then we went to my hotel room and we were partying on a balcony (which seemed to look nice, since we were in Ibiza and all). I remember the partying and then waking up the next morning thinking I had to get to class…I don’t know what class I would have in Ibiza…dj’ing school maybe? Anyway, that’s were I woke up and realized it was 2 am and that I should get some more sleep.

Current Music: M.A.N.D.Y. Vs. Booka Shade – Body Language (Physical Mix)

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