The Continued Music Industry Shift

It’s about time for my what seems to be a monthly post.

 This time, I’ve got the music industry on my mind again. Some of the thinking started when I visited a local Border’s and found out there were clearing out all of the CD & DVD stock and that they would no longer have anything other then top 10 albums and the most recent releases. I was wondering how wide spread this was and then ran across this Consumerist article that mentions it’s happening at multiple Borders. This start me thinking about how it used to be the users pushing the music industry to go to digital distribution, and now it seems to be happening and I seem to have a bittersweet feeling about it.

The music industry and the current global econimc downturn is now pushing us to start using digital downloads. I know I first started getting interested in the history of the music industry aftering hearing a book review on NPR about the book called Appetite for Self-Destruction by Steve Knopper. This fantastic read goes into how the music industry downfall really started all the way back when the market started booming back in the Disco era and how the music industry has been struggling to keep up ever since. Although, now it seems like the music industry is finally starting to embrace digital media. I started realzing this when I found out Borders is cutting back stock, the BMG music service soon to be closeing service on June 30th, 2009, that I’m now limited to using online stores like and then buying music ditially via the Apple iTunes Store and Beatport. There are also numerous other online digital music sites as well.

In closing, I still will miss my visits to local record stores to get my music fix and I guess CD’s may eventually become a relic of the past and we will start to reminise about missing unique music cover art as well.

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  1. Stephen Says:

    If you need a local music fix there’s always Street Corner and Dearborn Music.  B&N still has good music stock too. :-)Borders losing music is more closely tied to their current brink of bankruptcy financial condition than anything…

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