An end and a beginning

There really is nothing like driving into work at 80 mph while sipping a Gingerbread latte from Starbucks….

Now that I’m off that tangent, I’ve completed making the Room of Brycemania ready for a new bed today! By the time I get home from work, I will have the fun project of putting it all back together again. At least I know I can count on my Xbox Media Center to provide my rotating music and Milk Drop visuals while I’m getting things back in order. I’m thinking of taking a round of pictures of the room before I put it back together so people can see what an almost empty room of mine would look like. The end of the old room and the beginning of a new one. Smiley

Oh and thanks to who phoned me last night (at midnight) to let me know that Media Play’s clearance sale has gone to 30-50% off. Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at those Flame of Recca DVDs that I wanted to get and watch. Smiley

Current Music: Coburn – We Interrupt This Program

2 Responses to “An end and a beginning”

  1. Mara Says:

    Here I was thinking that your site wasn’t going to be changed until the first of the year!  I like the new one already! 80 mph ?????? raises eyebrow

  2. Erik Says:

    Welcome to the blogging community!I enjoyed the tour, but in the future please have mercy on your readers that have a dial-up connection.  Make use of thumbnails!  :)Very nice MKR poster, by the way…

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