DDR Str!ke

Yay! Yay! The new Japanese DDR Mix started shipping today from NCSX. I can’t wait to play it because it looks like they have added a couple of great new songs. The main song that it looks like will be fun to play is Let’s Dance from David Bowie. That should be some cool stuff. Other then that it’s mostly the same as the US Extreme 2, but I’m a DDR completest with the Playstation 2 versions. Smiley Here is a couple of pics:

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  1. brycemania.com » Blog Archive » PS2 DDR SuperNOVA Initial Track Listing!!! Says:

    […]  A bit of a birthday gift for me from IGN yesterday, they received a partial track list for the home PS2 version of DDR SuperNOVA! It looks like they are putting a lot of the good stuff from the DDR SuperNOVA arcade mix and some good tunes from the Japanese release of DDR St!ke.On a side note, after playing DDR SuperNOVA in the arcade, it rocks!!! It has the entire track listing from DDR Extreme (If you go to the ‘All Songs’ option) and a lot of the favorites from the home DDR Mixes (like one of my favs Un Deux Trois)!Current Music: Primal Scream – Dolls […]

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