Strange Fortunes

This Sunday was an odd DDR session. I started out on In The Groove 2 since they were busy connecting the DDR machine back up since it was rented out. The nice thing was when it came back on it was on Free Play…which was nice. Then I told them it was on free play and then they gave me free games on top of that. In short…my legs are sore. Smiley Also, I think I got 6 AA’s overall, including my first time AA’ing 1998!

Oh and my strange fortune cookie fortune of day…There’ nothing more dangerous then an idea if it’s the only one you have.

On a side note, for all of the Nintendo DS fans out there a new production of the hard to get Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is now hitting stores again today, so people can stop paying crazy prices over on da bay.

Current Music: Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (DJ Hell Remix)

Prince of Tennis Episode Counter: 96 (of 178)

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