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So it looks like news is hitting everywhere that Sony is going to do exactly what they said they were not going to do, which is a world wide launch. I was expecting the Japanese launch to get pushed back to November and the US launch would be like May 2007…but I guess my prediction was a bit off. It will be interesting to see if Sony can succeed where Microsoft has horribly failed in a simultaneous world wide launch with ample product supply. Oh and the other cool news is that the PS3 will be fully backwards compatible to both PS2 and PS1 titles! Sweet!

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  1. Erik Says:

    Backwards compatibility is a nice goal, but it unfortunately tends to be sketchy with some games.  I found that the Namco Museum titles for the PS1 don’t play well in the PS2, probably because emulation is so timing-critical and the timing methods in the two consoles may be different.Since music sim games are so dependent on timing, it’d be really bad if DDR, ITG, and the like don’t perform well on the PS3! 

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