Doctor Who or Doctor Huu?

So while I was over at Mike’s yesterday, we watched a couple of great movies. The first one being an awesome Shaw Brothers flick called Return of the Bastard Swordsman. A fun/crazy Wuxia movie that I highly recommend. But the second movie, which still has me feeling funny this morning is King Kong Escapes!!!

King Kong Escapes!!!

The poster alone should say it all. Smiley There is King Kong, Mechani-Kong, Dinosaurs, and a Sea Serpent, but the best part was seeing the lesser known Asian regeneration of Doctor Who…that being the evil Doctor Huu! Toho must have been quite inspired back in the day or someone in Japan was getting bootleg Doctor Who tapes back in 1967. So, just so everyone can understand, a picture of the first Doctor (right) and the evil Asian Doctor Huu (left)!

Doctor Huu or


Seperated at birth? U-Decide!!

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  1. Jae Says:

    Nice site d00dz! You finally updated!  We need to do something, sometime, with someones. 

  2. Mike Says:

    Wasn’t KKE da bomb?! I love every moment of that movie! btw-My Bastard Swordsman boxset just shipped from Yesasia so we can watch the first one!

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