Gorillaz splitting up

Well, I read a bit of bad news this morning, that being that it sounds like the animated music group the Gorillaz are going to split. Here is a news source that has more information. I’m surprised that with this one guy leaving, that it would cause a split considering I had thought the whole concept behind the band is that people would leave and come back. Thus leaving only having a couple of constant members and a cast of rotating members. I guess we will have to wait and see if this news really means that we won’t see a third Gorillaz album or if they just someone to replace the member who wants to leave.

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  1. Echoboy Says:

    Eh, don’t know if I believe this. A barely-used voice actor isn’t going to make-or-break the band.  I know Albarn wants to do a solo record and another Blur record, so it will probably be some time until a new Gorillaz album hits.  Maybe they are sick of each other, but time and money might change all that. :-)

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