Sakana Sushi!

So went with CCM to get Sushi last night. We ended up going to a recently opened Sushi place in Ferndale Mi, called Sakana Sushi, where the previously mentioned CCM had been to the day before. The Sushi place was great. All of the Sushi was very flavorful and the specialty rolls were quite interesting considering the two that we got both sliced strawberries on them. Smiley The other neat thing was the atmosphere of the place in general. Sakana Sushi had a very modern feel too it and the soundtrack was all chill out style electronic music (with some Portishead thrown in for good measure). Anyway, I give this place a high recommendation.

Also, on a side note, I couldn’t find much about them online, but I did find out that they promised the Ferdale City Council to promote responsible parking. It’s amazing what pops up on-line these days.

Current Music: Jem – They (Cut Chemist Instrumental)

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