Coke Blak

Coke Blak...

I did the Coke Blak experiment over the weekend since I was finally able to find it for sale as a single bottle at a local 7-11. At first I thought, "Wow…this is a cool bottle design…huh only 45 calories." So after leaving said 7-11 I took the first sip…when the first word that came to my mind was "$***!" The first sip was like partial coffee…then on the second sip it tasted kind of like coke…never really tasting like either. Hardly the carbonated fusion beverage that Coke is selling this drink as. I only ended up about drinking about 1/4th of the bottle before I decided that I was done with this experiment and promptly disposed of the rest. I would never recommend this drink to anyone, it was that bad. Oh well…maybe Pepsi Kona is better?

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3 Responses to “Coke Blak”

  1. animejulie Says:

    I didn’t care for this drink, either.  There’s is something wrong about carbonated coffee.  Yuck!

  2. Stephen Says:

    I tried it…I liked it.  Julia who hates coffee liked it…

  3. Brycemania Says:

    I still don’t like it. :-p I’ll stick with real coffee from starbucks thanks. ^_-

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