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Well, made the trip out to Mediaplay last night with Jajuka2099 and Jenna to see what the place looks like after it hit 40-60% off yesterday. The place is starting to empty out, a lot of the better music cds are now gone, which included the three disc Verve Remix cd set I was looking at. Smiley Oh well. I looked at a lot of the anime that was there and I decided I’m going to wait for another drop. The anime is getting attractive at 40%, but I think 50% off in a few days would be better. Smiley Oh, and I made the mistake of asking how the gal at the cash register was doing…the answer…"Terminally Depressed"…ouch!

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  1. Erik Says:

    Amusing coincidence… I also journeyed to Media Play yesterday in search of deals.  The one in Ann Arbor was starting to look a little bare, with lots of empty racks in the back, but there were still plenty of DVDs and CDs (including many anime soundtracks).I was disappointed that the manga discount was only 20%.  However, even though the video game discount was posted as 40%, what I bought was actually 50% off.  I managed to score Pump it Up: Exceed for $30!  ^_^ 

  2. Bryce Says:

    Yikes! I saw one of the Pump it up’s at Livonia last night. I didn’t realize it was that cheap. Maybe I should go back. ^_^

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