Ps3 price has been announced

Well, the ps3 price was announced last night during the Sony Press conference (yeah, I ended up listening to a audio stream of the press conference). The press conference was by and large pretty boring (the Nintendo press conference I went to a couple of years back was a much better at getting the crowd excited). Anyway, it will be interesting how the ps3 sells when it comes out (which I’m sure it will still be well considering it will be one of the first Blu-Ray players out on the market). Also, it is quite interesting that the controller design went back to the base design with some motion sensors and Bluetooth thrown in. Oh, and if you really want ps3 as a possible Blu-Ray movie player, you will be buying the $599 version since it’s the only one that has an HDMI port and Wi-Fi.

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4 Responses to “Ps3 price has been announced”

  1. Mara Says:

    Do you expect that the $600 price will eventually come down, and if so, when and how far?  That seems a bit steep to me for a game console, but then, that may be because I play such a limited subset of games. hugs 

  2. Brycemania Says:

    I think it will come down eventually. It will be at least a year and a half after it comes out. But I’m sure it will go down. I think once the Blu-Ray disc players become more common place, then the ps3 price will start to drop as well.

  3. Mara Says:

    Should I be concerned by the fact that you probably posted this response while you were sitting across from me?

  4. Echoboy Says:


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