Kraftwerk vocoder up for auction

An ebay auction of epic proportions! Own a piece of the Kraftwerk legacy! Music thing reports that an original Kraftwerk vocoder is up for auction on good ol’ ebay. Check it out to see some Kraftwerk fan craziness! As of the writing of this post, it’s up to $5,000. Smiley

Current Music: Fischerspooner – We Need a War (DJ Hell Berlin Remix)

One Response to “Kraftwerk vocoder up for auction”

  1. Erik Says:

    Now if only I had $5300 (the current high bid now) laying around… ^^;  That’s truly amazing that such a piece of music history somehow got out of the band’s hands and into that of a private collector.  Then again, since KW has always been about using the latest technology, it’s not surprising something old was discarded.  It’d be nice if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bid on and got it – I’d certainly make a trip out to Cleveland to see it! 

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