Video Game Rarity has an interesting article up regarding video game rarity that can be seen here. It talks about how many video games that are produced in limited quantities are often up on ebay sometimes only a day later for crazy prices. It also talks about how how just because a video game goes for a lot of money on good ol’ ebay, that does not necessarily mean it’s a rare game. Follow the link for a fun read.

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  1. Mara Says:
    • Back in the day*, Nintendo wanted to license the title from Bandai and release its own version of Stadium Events for use with an upcoming NES fitness accessory, the Power Pad. grin  Random website: 1 
  2. Mara Says:

    Just an addition:  Would it be inconsiderate to reiterate how much I dislike this editor?  Is there a way to embed html tags that I’ve missed?  That would make me much happier.  If it wouldn’t interpret my asterisks as some sort of style marker, that would be an improvement to. 

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