Fantastic Cinnamon!

Well, this has started off to be a great week so far. Yesterday, I got AA’s on three Dance Dance Revolution Extreme songs, which were Cowgirl, think ya better D, and Sexy Planet (Non-stop mix). I was happy about that. But even better was my morning Starbucks trip today, where I was offered Cinnamon Dolce! The Cinnamon Dolce soy latte is nothing short of FANTASTIC! I think I may have a new regular Starbucks drink Smiley

Also, I think I’ll talk tomorrow some about some of my music video finds from my New Years day hunt. Such fun videos as the ones for Madonna “Hung Up” and Max Graham vs. Yes “Owner of a Lonely Heart”. The Max Graham vs Yes video is pricessless, some pics to follow tomorrow.

Current Music: Morrissey – The Loop

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  1. Stephen Says:

    Cinnamon Dolce ROCKS!  Tried it today and it’s the best damn coffe drink EVAR!

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